Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fair Well Past Year ...

And there goes another year, For me it was a year full of sadness, loss and regrets but I feel like I have come out such a better person spiritually, intellectually and mentally. To quote one of my favourite Bands at the moment

Well this is easier now
I found all the pieces I lost in the flood
And it wasn't that much
And though it's easier now
I will always remember the night that I almost drowned
All alone in a house

And the love that I lost
With all of the shit that came out in the wash
Just a pocket of fluff
I'm not put upon
I am free of from disease, no greys, no liver-spots
Most of the misery's gone... gone, gone to the bone

'Frightened Rabbit'

But I know I'm still haunted and it seems to be my pen that mocks me but I can't control that so I just go with it. This little piece is titled 'Ribcage Revolution' It is in regards to a question I was posed on New Years Eve ... 'What did 2012 teach me?' ... I didn't really have an answer at that point but the morning after, I realized that my greatest lesson was the length that people will go to hide the Fact that they have become a little Lost ... We lie, We create persona's, We break hearts, We fall into darkness  ... because we are so scared to just tell the people, the one's we love, that we have Lost our way. Everybody gets lost. Its far too easy to become it. Especially in the age we live in. Some people will live it forever and my heart aches for them daily. I hope one day they can see that it's ok. Sometimes it takes years, but everyone will find there way ... I haven't yet but at least I know where I lost my way ...That's a start

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