Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Challenges .....

So at the moment I don't have a camera, my scanner is on the blink and my fancy pants phone is gone. So this blog has turned more into a personal diary at the moment, but I'm OK with this because it will pass. It appears I have met my Everest , from the ground it looks like I am almost at the peak but from way up here, the oxygen is getting thin, sometimes it is hard to breath, it's cold and it gets lonely. My walkie-talkie will crackle every now and again with comfort but for a lot of the time it might as well be off. The view from here is beautiful but only intensifies the fear. I can see the peak and I will keep climbing. Frostbite around my eyes and a chill down my spine that never dies. If i had wings I still wouldn't fly this is a journey I must take ... for when I get to the top and place my flag I will have completed redemption, closure and acceptance. I hear that the journey back down is a pain in the ass too but I know I packed enough supplies to see me through and my reception will only get better the closer to level ground I go ....

Now put that shit in your metaphorical pipe and smoke it HARD!!!!!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

A little break ...

Im going to be spending some time with family and friends so wont have much time at home so this Blog will more than likely be quiet for a week , probably less though but i will leave you this....

Doesn't that just look awesome, I think it i had to scrape my pennies together and buy either this or the new bioshock i just wouldn't know what to do ....

Until next time ....

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Home Made Art Box ...

Today's little project, something to carry my sketchbook and pens around in, didn't turn out as pretty as i imagined but I've never really worked with Duct tape before. It was a crappy little box my printer instructions came in so I made it stronger, will probably put some kind of button lock on it at some point but the smell of Poundland duct tape has made me whoosey

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's a Living ....

Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever ....

But doe's it make it worth living for? There seems to be this belief with most the people I know that you hate your job and you deal with it. I guess my problem has always been that I question that notion. Why? Why must we be content spending 40+ hours a week doing something I hate. Not dislike. Hate. I've settled to the fact it is going to take me a long ass time to find a job I love but to pay the bills, grab a cheeky take-away twice a month and occasionally branch outside of window shopping and sometimes actually do some shopping I'm more than happy to settle for a job I like. Liking something at this point in my life is a massive bonus in any situation. So right now I'm focusing on myself, getting a new job, getting better at this blogging thing and not being haunted by a moustached mouth telling me it's gonna be this way .....

Monday, 17 September 2012

A little Mountain Music ...

'Never Quite Free' from 'The Mountain Goats' album 'All Eternal Decks'
I didn't make this nor do i own any copyright

It's so good to learn that right outside your window
There's only friendly fields and open roads
And you'll sleep better when you think you've stepped back from the brink
And found some peace inside yourself, laid down your heavy load

It gets alright to dream at night
Believe in solid skies and slate-blue earth below
But when you see him, you'll know

It's okay to find the faith to saunter forward
With no fear of shadows spreading where you stand
And you'll breathe easier just knowing that the worst is all behind you
And the waves that tossed the raft all night have set you on dry land

It gets okay to praise the day
Believe in sheltering skies and stable earth beneath
But hear his breath come through his teeth

Walk by faith
Tell no one what you've seen

It's so good to learn that from right here the view goes on forever
And you'll never want for comfort and you'll never be alone
See the sunset turning red, let all be quiet in your head
And look about, all the stars are coming out

They shine like steel swords
Wish me well where I go
But when you see me, you'll know

Sunday, 16 September 2012

A few words of inspiration ...

Now i didn't make these words but they are words that make a lot of sense, so I took the words and made them pretty, used a canvas coupon I had gotten several months ago and am now awaiting this bad boy to come in the post. Then the words and the pretty can sit on my been-blank-for-seven-months wall. Good times

Friday, 14 September 2012


Picture sums it up ... Its meant to say bed. Been ill. Stupidly ill. Bad times